Welcome to Unexpected Ingredients!

Hi. We’re Shawna and Riley. We make food for the reason most people make food – to eat it, not to put it on grandiose display.

I, Shawna, am a reserved cook. My mom never really let me in the kitchen, I always follow the recipe, and I’m scared of making a dish no one can eat. I’ve got cool ideas, but lack the confidence to execute them.

I, Riley, am an uninhibited cook. My mom loved it when I helped in the kitchen, I reject exact recipes, and I believe very few dishes can go so wrong they can’t be saved. (Though, a few certainly have.) I rarely know what I’m doing, but I love to try a thing.

I (Riley) have a buttload of food sensitivities. I (Shawna) have a family history stupid-high blood pressure. So, we’ve gotten pretty good at cutting the crap out of our diet and treating food as medicine without sacrificing some damn fine eatin’.

If you’re looking for fancy, we ain’t it.

But if you’re looking for a heart-healthier, brain-healthier, overall healthier way of eating, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to our kitchen.