Recipe: You’ll Think They’re Buttermilk Biscuits


In our house, we like us some good biscuits. These are some good biscuits. And they’re good biscuits without most of the typical things that make good biscuits good biscuits. This biscuit recipe takes out the butter, plummets the fat and calories, and makes something that is generally super bad for you almost okay for … Read more

Recipe: Turkey Bean Burgers

turkey burger

Our basic turkey burger. Stretched with pinto beans. Super simple. Super tasty. (and you don’t notice the beans!) Perfect for topping with all the things. The Eliminations Turkey burger recipes are pretty all over the place – really, you can just pat the ground turkey together out of the package and slap it on a … Read more

Recipe: Hot Mess Josephines

hot mess

Our version of the sloppy joe. But not that sloppy. And not that joe. A little indulgent, but not nearly as indulgent as it tastes. The only meal we make in our household in large quantity that we don’t get tired of before it’s gone. We like to think your inner-foodie will rejoice. The Eliminations … Read more

Recipe: Choco-Banana Muffincakes

chocolate banana muffins

Based on our household favorite Banana Bread Muffincakes, these choco-nanner muffins use the same base recipe with some minor eliminations and a simple twist. So full of chocolatey sweetness, they can easily double as cupcakes. You (and your kids) won’t believe they’re not that bad for you. The Eliminations The eliminations from these muffincakes are … Read more

Recipe: Banana Bread Muffincakes

banana muffins

Not quite banana bread. Not quite muffins. Not quite cake. These muffincakes are a combination of all three. They drop most everything that make muffins bad for you and come up smelling like a sweet-treat breakfast. The most frequent morning meal in our household. The Eliminations The eliminations from these muffincakes are designed to make … Read more